Listed Building Status Application

Museum Facade

In February 2021, Museum Trustees, after consideration, submitted an Listed Building status application to Historic Environment Scotland (HES) in respect of the old Auction Mart building, which is now over 116 years old.  As with many things, there are pros and cons with regards listed building status, however we believe, in this case, the pros far outweigh the cons, including helping to protect the building into the future.

There are three categories of listed building, ranging from lowest, Category C, up to highest, Category A.  Earlier this week, HES advised us, as the Auction Mart building is considered of national significance, and taking into account its rarity and completeness as an example of its building type and date, that category A was the most appropriate level of listing.

Prior to granting of the listed building status, a three week period of consultation is in place.  The consultation documents are available via HES’s online portal:

Reith Anderson receipt