Alford Heritage Museum Virtual Tour Challenge

Welcome to Alford Heritage Museum's Virtual Tour Challenge! This forms part of our programme of events for Doors Open Days 2020.


Have a look around the museum using the interactive virtual tour then answer the questions below. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will get a prize!

Questions To Answer

Where the answer is a word, please answer in lowercase (no capital letters) even if it is a proper noun.

1. How many hot water bottles are sitting on the table in the auction ring?

2. What wearable item can you see lots of in the Alexander Ingram's Soutar's workshop?

3. What make of sewing machine can be fount in the Thomas Rearie's Tailoring workshop?

4. How many scrubbing boards can you count on the walls of Mrs Gordon's Wash Hoose?

5. What is written at the top of the schoolroom blackboard?

6. What instrument is in the corner of the schoolroom?

7. How many cooking stoves can you count in the farmhouse kitchen?