Preserving the rich heritage of Alford and Donside for future generations


The museum collection was begun around 1990 mainly by loans and donations from local families. The original focus of the collections can be broadly described as items pertaining to “Rural Life”- agricultural, social and domestic. This has resulted in a wide ranging and eclectic collection of objects. As the museum is now full to capacity, future collecting must be more focused and relevant. The core collections are now:

• The Alford Mart building and related items
• Agriculture, with specific focus on NE Scotland and the Alford area in particular
• Social and cultural life of Alford and Donside area

You can now explore some of the items from the collection by using the search facilities on our new online catalogue of objects. This work is ongoing and currently only reflects a small proportion of the thousands of items in the museum.

Cachets; Warrick Brothers; AFDHM01309
Glass tube; AFDHM01282
Glass tube; AFDHM01281
Glass tube; AFDHM01280
Applicator; AFDHM01272
Nasal irrigator; S.Maw, Son & Sons Ltd.; AFDHM01270
Vaccination shield; Frazer & Green Ltd; AFDHM01266
Atomiser; Atomisers Ltd; AFDHM01264
Breast reliever; Ingram's; AFDHM01263
Photographic tints; Johnson & Sons; AFDHM01262
Pipe; AFDHM01258
Flask; AFDHM01242
Bottle; Thomas Curr & co; AFDHM01239
Bottle; Hurry & Macpherson, Grocers; AFDHM01217
Post box; AFDHM01181
Mill of Bandley archives; 1920s; AFDHM01138
Branding iron; AFDHM01120
Box; AFDHM00999
Book; Constable & Co.; 1917; AFDHM01031
Coin; 1951; AFDHM01030
Plaque; 1918; AFDHM01029

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